Merci Beaucoup d'Etat

by Ghost Vehicle

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released April 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Ghost Vehicle Los Angeles, California

LA-native singer-songwriter.

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Track Name: Right Now
I've been wondering, is it first or second nature
that brings with it this prior obligation

But right now...

I'm taken over by something more than we can measure
There's no target date or a projected figure

It's right now...
Track Name: Smoke and Mirrors
I'll leave when I'm able, it's nothing but trouble since i watched your eyes roll over in ecstasy
I felt the magic, I set smoke and mirrors, I may have expected this disappearing act of yours
I thought it was so clear

But can it be stable? What's under the table keeps it out of balance and since we left everything out on the edge...

It came from above, it came crashing down from above...
Could you tell me what it...meant to you...

Burdened by optimism, blurry is my vision, the memories, urgencies, the hold you have on me
Reaction conditional, pain artificial, the only thing that's real is the feeling from inside you
Followed the signs this far

You frame it in fiction but I'll still claim

it came from above...
could you's the only thing that's real to me
Track Name: On and On
The perfect symmetry of how it came apart
branches into a new direction
The timing can't be just coincidence
No closer with good measure, no credit for good behavior
Your world's polarities, resources, eruptions turn me on and on...
so goodbye for now

No limit to the tangles I'm conditioned to accept
measuring up to the monster we've created
your expeditions are getting even deeper still
when the path fades to black there's a spark that lingers on and on...
till we get it lit again

Yeah I've gone nowhere fast and I keep coming back
take me up and pass it on and's never off it holds a charge till we get it on and on...we can make it last
Track Name: Instruction Manual
There's something I think I'm missing
a part, procedure, point of view
It's put together wrong somehow I can't trust
I've been tinkering around, the options overwhelming

Instruction manual is all I'm asking for...

More blood is needed to lubricate the machine
It's breaking down again, the smoke is everywhere
I've tried taking some here and there but can only take so much

Instruction manual...I don't know what it is or what it's can we stop and take it one step at a time...
Track Name: Cold Fusion
From the start it felt like an intrusion, an attempt at cold fusion
Can the reaction sustain on
contact, your instinct is to take back, try to keep the advantage
Don't you know when you can stop fighting?

But all you say is I don't know...

You say it's something I am keeping, it's not me you're deceiving,
you make it harder and harder

When all you say is I don't know...
What is so wrong with even trying? What is so wrong...

You have been told what you can take, for your sake
remember you are fighting yourself too

What is so wrong...
Track Name: Don't You Believe Me
You must see that all this thinking is a curse
All of the answers that you seek you can't trust
Good intentions, bad impressions, overwhelming list of questions
we've got time

Left in hiding, left in limbo,the high I get is from placebo
it may be sugar-coated

But it's as easy as you want it to be, don't you believe me
I'll prove it to you

Can you tell me what trickles through your filters
Take a trip of new sensations while you keep your reservations
The odds and ends, the breaks and bends, even at the start it tends
to be apparent it could last, but if you do't see it

don't you believe me...cause I've got a feeling, yeah I've got a theory
don't you...I'll prove it to you

I know you've been conflicted, intuition self-defeated
You can never sell it back for what it's worth
But just remember everything that comes you deserve

don't you...
Track Name: Chances Are
I was already aware of how bad the odds would be
but I will risk it all on the hope your number would come up
but I would never, I could never, I should never be so lucky, so better off
all bets are off

I wasn't really fair, I loaded them a little bit
Hoping you would share what you got tangled behind that stare
is it worth the risk if I go far enough I just might reach you there
I'm captured by it now

You claim your system is secure I'm still at odds I can't deny the fact
it may work for now but chances are you can't rely on it for long

I wasn't really sure, so I had to hedge my bet
No I wasn't really sure, now I know better

I kept trying to capitalize but the house always wins so I
escape to your paradise while the luck is on my side
The thrill's keeping me entwined, but oh you're so hard to hit...

You claim...
You play it safe, you've got it covered, I know the odds I can't deny that it may work for now...
Track Name: Shock and Awe
You offer freedom, you offer a stake in all of this
process, so painful, can't be worse than it is now, you say
I guess I'll leave it up to you...I'm left in shock and awe

I've got no choice now, the shots, the bursts, the flash of lights
I can't resist, no, I never asked for this
All I have known-- you'll tear it up, rebuild it your own way

all at once, it happened all at once

I guess I'll leave it up to you...
I know the methods, history, my tendencies
you know I'd get absorbed
But when you come you bring it all, you want it all, you give it to me
forcing in, burning and tearing

all at once, it came, all at once

I know the resources you're after and I can't give up
Never was so close, no, it never was so clear
I know what you're up to and
ultimately you will take, I'm powerless to resist it

all at once, it came...
Track Name: Taking Over Me
Don't you blame it all on me...even though you should

Don't know what I'm getting into, don't you tell me we are free
cause baby from the start you were

Maybe we may disagree on the boundaries we've drawn
seems we can't erase them

Someday you'll know what I mean and you will know what to believe
but in the meantime you will be

You knew you could, I knew you would

And now..that you are here, hey now...that you're in, you can stake your claim, you are

You knew you could...

Don't you...even though you should
Track Name: Boot Camp
Yeah I remember everything, my memory is photographic
it's just way overexposed, it all turns blank

I learned it all from boot camp, my battle cry is pornographic
hey I don't know but I've been told when in doubt just keep it loaded
but I will let

could be more than we know...I know

I've considered everything, my heartbeat is elastic
snapping back at any moment if I'd just learn to let go of it
but I can't let you...go

could be more...I're hiding something
could be more...
Track Name: Ayesha
You shun me, the non-believer
can't you see it's what i had to do
But still you hold it against me
I was born an outcast in my world
but no longer untouchable you

My Ayesha, the butterflies surround you

You've grown gray in your wisdom since your kiss from the divine
You're promising miracles, you require a pilgrimage
My desire has turned to anger since I've lost you to the angel

My Ayesha...Have I lost you forever? Sorry that I'd doubt you, my Ayesha

Yeah maybe I'm just like the rest, like lemmings marching to the sea
Yeah maybe...but I realize I can't follow you anymore

Still I'm here but to what end, I cling just to watch you fail
this test of faith, for those who crave it
Us infidels drown in ocean but the faithful drown in spirit
Swallowed to swell your power

My Ayesha...and as we near closer, sorry that I doubt you, my Ayesha...
Track Name: I Submit
Pack your bags and count the children
line up all the shopping carts
come on down it's worth remembering what we are fighting for

I would rather not get into the meaning of it all now
All your previous questions will all be resolved now

I submit and I no longer have a doubt the time is now
I commit myself to a greater will, overfilled
just submit because I found Truth

Understand I've been forgiven for what I must have to do
all the doors they open for me quite conveniently

I submit and now that my will is gone, here i come
unconditional in this resolve to dissolve
I can't deny the power over me, wait and see
Just submit because it's all true
Track Name: Over the Side
Where do I go on a day like today, except over the side
I have found out much too late of what there is to hide

You don't know what you're up against, I have invested so much
I've taken a loss, I've taken a hit, and I have a reason now

I won't apologize, no, not to you now
Don't say you didn't know, don't say you never saw it coming
The fear is all I've known, and all that's right is feeding off of it

I have enough of a case to put you straight to hell
Some things I know, some things I guess, some things I know too well

I won't...
The terror is home-grown, and I like to get a thrill, oh I'd like to get a profit out of it
Track Name: Going Under
Never believed in anything till down came an angel, beautiful angel
Didn't have any time to think it over, I'm going under

Now I believe...did you fall for me?
What could it mean...when you came around?

I'm losing everything, I ripped my heart out
Never believed in ghosts before till I was haunted, until she haunted me

It's not what it seems...did you fall for me?
What could it mean...

Strange forces control me, I'm going under
So divine, oh so tempting, so confusing

It's not what it seems

I just want you to know I so adore you...